Welcome to FPMT UK

The Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition is an international organisation established over 30 years ago to continue the wishes of Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche is our spiritual director who’s vision guides us to benefit as many beings as possible with love, compassion and wisdom as taught by the Buddha.

Lama Yeshe wanted his students to establish Buddhist Centres to be like a family, so here in the UK we offer spaces for sincere practice and study under the guidance of our qualified authentic teachers and loving Sangha (Monks, Nuns and experience Lay community).

You can see from our Centre Directory that we have a number of city based Buddhist Centres, Satelitte Groups and Study Groups. We also have a Retreat Centre in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

We offer meditation classes for complete beginners through to profound structured study of the Buddhas teachings for more experienced students. All are taught by experienced and qualified Western, Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhist teachers.

There is a vast breadth of experience and knowledge shared by these amazing teachers and their kindness and patience to teach us is simply outstanding.

We are non sectarian and support His Holiness the Dalia Lama and the Tibetan community around the world.

Our Buddhist family offers meditation and mindfullness classes, Buddhist teachings for all levels, debate classes, help in the community with school visits, chaplaincy work in hospitals and hospices, host visiting teachers for teachings and initiations, host Buddhist Relics tours, Tibetan language classes and Tibetan cultural events.

So if you are interested in meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism or Tibetan culture or just want to have a look inside one of our temples, then why pop along for a cup of tea, say hello and see what’s happening !

If you want to join in a meditation or Buddhist class you are always welcome….and no you don’t have to be a Buddhist. Find your nearest group and check out their calendar to see what’s on.

Below are some images from events our centres and groups have held or organised and we hope to see you soon !