Jamyang Bath Study Group

Jamyang Bath

Jamyang Bath Buddhist Group is an FPMT study group with close links to Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London.

A friendly and enthusiastic community, aiming to deepen their understanding of Buddhism and cultivate inner peace and compassion, transforming minds and hearts. You are invited to join in their journey of study, meditation and discussion.

The current programme includes:

  • Public talks and weekend retreats with highly qualified and inspiring FPMT touring teachers, including Ven Robina Courtin, Ven Amy Miller and Jon Landaw
  • The Foundation of Buddhist Thought course
  • Discovering Buddhism, a weekly course, offering a structured presentation of Tibetan Buddhist ideas
  • Meditation classes for beginners and experienced meditators alike
  • Shared ritual practices, such as pujas
  • Special events and community gatherings

Activities are coordinated and led by experienced Buddhist practitioners who volunteer their skills, time and energy as an offering of service to their teachers and to anyone who might benefit from the programmes. Many are FPMT registered teachers.

Students come from all walks of life, ages, and levels of aspiration on the Dharma path. Many are new to Buddhism, others have been studying and practising for years and wish to deepen their experience within a lively and supportive community.


New Oriel Hall


E-mail:  admin@jamyangbath.org.uk
Website: www.jamyangbath.org.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jamyangbath
Twitter: @Jamyangbath