Togme Sangpo Study Group

Togme Sangpo

Togme Sangpo Study Group is Buddhist group in North East Scotland who offers meditations, classes, courses and short retreats.

You can participate in Buddhist meditation classes, short retreat, ongoing courses. They help you relax, find inner peace, discover your fullest potential, and develop qualities and attitudes which help with the challenges in life. They help you to be more effective, to be of benefit to our surroundings, and even to all living beings!

Who was Togme Sangpo?

Togme Sangpo (1295-1369) was the author of the 37 Practises of Bodhisattvas. He was renowned as a Bodhisattva in Tibet and revered for living according to the Bodhisattva ideals and practices that he taught. The text is a beautiful devotional poem in praise of the activities of Bodhisattvas, those beings whose loving-compassion inspires them to dedicate their lives to the service of others. It is also very practical: addressed to those who are inspired by the great ideal of bodhicitta – the resolve to engage in the path to spiritual realisation in order to be able to help all beings. When His Holiness the Dalai Lama taught in Glasgow in 2004 this was the text he used, so maybe this is especially appropriate for people living in Scotland!

Classes, Retreats and Events:

We organise a variety of activities. There are weekend retreats, often with excellent visiting teachers. We host weekly Dharma classes on a wednesday night including meditation, teachings and discussions. These are accessible for all, both new and more experienced students and practitioners. For those with more experience you may be interested in monthly Medicine Buddha puja (ritual). Other events are organised, please check under “Buddhist Events” for details.


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