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Dedicating One’s Life to Others

Sunday 11th July 2021: 3pm – 6pm (GMT)

Host: Saraswati Buddhist Group

From all directions, the world is calling us to compassionate action for others, and we feel compelled to do our best to respond. Often, we feel inadequate, powerless, and unequal to the challenge. To remedy this, we can develop and expand our altruism through the buddhist practice of bodhicitta – the awakening mind.

Unconditional universal compassion grown internally through meditation brings extraordinary happiness to oneself and others. When conjoined with the aspiration to become enlightened, this awakening mind enables us to be of genuine and profound benefit to the world, both the people we immediately encounter, and those more distant.

This teaching by Geshe Namdak will introduce us to this awakening mind of bodhicitta, presenting some of its great benefits, and then showing us how to prepare ourselves to make a strong personal commitment to dedicate our life for others.

The teaching will be based on the opening three chapters of Engaging in the Bodhisattva Deeds by Shantideva, the great eighth century Indian scholar, monk, and yogi.

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