Online Meditation Classes

“It’s no surprise that meditation continues to draw the media’s attention. More and more, its positive effects on the mind and body are being documented by scientists and its techniques are being taught in clinical settings. A 2007 national survey in the United States found that “9.4 percent of respondents (representing more than 20 million people) had used meditation in the past 12 months – compared with 7.6 percent of respondents (representing more than 15 million people) in a similar survey conducted in 2002.” In fact, U.S. National Institute of Health has a dedicated webpage on meditation’s health benefits, which include helping with anxiety, pain, depression, stress, insomnia and coping with chronic illness. All signs indicate this interest will only continue to grow.

Meditation sessions will be streamed online via Zoom unless otherwise stated.

Classes can be joined by either computer or via smartphone App. You will be asked to firstly download the zoom application before you join. So make sure you allow a bit of extra time.

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These are meditations upon various aspects of the Buddhist path such as compassion, loving kindness, single pointed concentration etc.

You do not need to be formally a Buddhist to try these meditations or have any previous experience.

You can join this event by checking the online calendar on our home page.


These meditations are of a wellbeing nature and are not specifically Buddhist.

You do not need to have any experience in meditation or Buddhism to join these classes.

You can join this event by checking the online calendar on our home page.


These practical meditation classes will provide new perspectives on ways to prevent harming ourselves and others as a result of misguided, exaggerated and disturbing emotions, or when confronted by the suffering caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus – whether it’s illness and economic hardship; anxiety, fear and anger provoked by change; uncertainty or restriction.

We will look at how our habitual, conditioned mind and senses deceive us, drawing us into unskilful states and reactions that can only make matters worse for all. Practical ways on how to skilfully transform these unhelpful states will be explored, turning them into the calm courage, resilience and kindness in action that we need to be able to realise our full potential and be of most benefit to ourselves and others in addressing the various challenges we currently face.

Drawing on Buddhist wisdom and techniques refined over more than two thousand years, presented in a contemporary context and in plain language, this class will empower us to see the bigger picture from a more profound, stable and balanced place within ourselves.

You can join this event by checking the online calendar on our home page.

Donations – The virtuous practice of Generosity

By donating for online classes you will help create the conditions for the teachings to be available, and to supporting the Centres, the Teachers and the Staff during the global Cornavirus crisis. We thank you so much for supporting this incredible community.