Land of Joy-Retreat Centre

Land of Joy

Land of Joy’s is a Buddhist retreat community located in the Northumberland National Park in the north of England.

All of Land of Joy’s services (retreat centre, community and hospice) will operate in the context of a peaceful environment which seeks to act as an example of sustainability and harmony.

A diverse programme will be provided with facilities to serve the needs and interests of a wide range of people, Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike.

People from the UK and beyond, at all levels of experience, will thereby have the opportunity to practise retreat within a conducive, supported environment.




a supportive environment for meditation and reflection with facilities for group and solitary retreat. Group retreats will be led by lamas and experienced practitioners.


in a peaceful, calm environment with energy-efficient accommodation and provision of good, nourishing, vegetarian food.  There will be inspiring views and opportunities for walks in nature between meditation sessions.


• structured meditation retreats to complement the programmes of FPMT UK centres and study groups, enabling students to deepen knowledge gained from courses of study and daily life practice.

• specially designed retreats for specific groups, such as families and young people.

• opportunities for spiritual learning.

• further service to the local and national UK communities by renting the retreat facilities to other appropriate organisations providing programmes of activities such as yoga, tai chi, healthy living, mindfulness training, etc.


Everyone will be welcome at Land of Joy, whether they are in retreat, attend events, or visit.

All will have the opportunity to share spiritual practice, volunteer to provide for the needs of the retreaters, and participate in other related activities such as working in the community organic garden and orchard.

Land of Joy will welcome visitors and retreaters without restrictions based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, etc.

In order to provide a peaceful and secure environment that is conducive to the positive spiritual development of everyone, visitors and participants will be asked to abide by five Buddhist precepts during their stay at Land of Joy:

  • not to kill (including animals and insects)
  • not to steal
  • not to lie
  • not to take alcohol or drugs (other than medication)
  • not to engage in sexual activity


Real care of the sick does not begin with costly procedures, but with the simple gift of affection and love. In the practice of healing a kind heart is as valuable as medical training because it is the source of happiness for both oneself and others. People respond to kindness even when medicine is ineffective, and in turn cultivating a kind heart is a cause of our own good health.

“I am happy to learn that a project to set up a Buddhist hospice has been launched in conjiunction with the Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London. [This is] a true expression of compassion and I am always encouraged when people take practical steps like this to put such positive motivation into effect.

— His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tara Hospice Care will serve people of all religions and beliefs, providing compassionate support for terminally ill individuals and their families.

Initially serving patients and their families in their own homes, Tara Hospice Care may in time develop its services further to include on-site care for patients who wish to end their lives in the quiet, contemplative environment of Land of Joy.

Current Programme


Greenhaugh Hall,
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Tel: 01434 240412