Jamyang Salisbury Study Group

Jamyang Salisbury

The group has been running in Salisbury for ten years. Our teachers come from the Jamyang centres in London and Bath 3 times a month to teach the summer programme. We have visiting teachers coming from various countries several times a year.

This is a friendly and welcoming study group who are happy to share knowledge and practise with anyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhism. There is a Monday night programme running year round and also a Wednesday night meditation class which is free and open 6:30pm-9pm to anyone who wants to join.


58 Barnard Street,




Note: It can be a little hard to find us. We are the last blue door on the right as you walk up Barnard street.


Tel: 01747 861790
E-mail:  salisburyjamyangbuddhistgroup@outlook.com

Website: www.jamyang-salisbury-buddhist-group.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jamyang-Buddhist-Centre-177010179030881